Should I deworm?

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    My flock is doing well and healthy - laying nicely. However, I was wondering - should I deworm regularly? Only if they seem ill? What is the protocol for this? I want to keep my ladies healthy and happy. Thanks! Jenn K - Michigan
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    Deworming will only do anything if your chicken has worms, so it is not necessary to do it on a regular basis. If you want to see if your birds have worms a fecal float test can be done.
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    Most chickens carry some worms. It’s when they have too many that problems arise. Some people don’t worm on a regular basis; some people worm their chickens twice a year, some more often.
    I worm when I see a chicken looking under the weather, or notice worms in their poop.
    As a rough guide, if it has been very wet where you are and the chickens eat off the ground or free range then worming isn’t going to do them any harm and may do some good.
    If its been dry and the ground is hard and the area they eat in is free from droppings, free from wild birds and regularly cleaned I probably wouldn’t bother.
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    It's always a good idea to have fecal float to see if you have worms before you treat.
    If they are doing well, then you are probably o.k.

    Check with your vet to see if they will perform a fecal float for you.
    You can also check with your state lab - sometimes that may be cheaper than a vet.

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