Should I do Lock Down sooner??


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
I just candled the 5 babies and all are very active, some where I can see the bill in the air sac but it will retract back out of it, others aren't quite there yet but pretty darn close, I'd say they will be retracting in/out by tomorrow. Should I still plan lock down for Friday still? The one with the dent is still alive but not yet through the air sac, close but isn't pipping in/out of it yet. But all the air sacs are quite large. Constant over all 100 temp inside the Genesis, thermometer laying on the egg 101, humidity 55-65% give or take. I just put a bit more wax on the one that is dented since some of what I did have melted off from being in warm temp and the candler. I do plan on doing one more candling when I transfer them over to the Hova Bator. I hope I hear peeping soon! And I hope I have a successful hatch this weekend!
Oh most definitely! Going to set up the Hova Bator today and get it warmed up and humidity straight until it's time to switch them to it. LOL, even my boys are reminding me and making me promise to keep my hands away, and I told them the same. But they've been a lot better about it then I have/was.

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