**Should I get a fan??**


8 Years
May 26, 2011
North Carolina
Hey everyone!!

Well I have another question!

It has started getting up into the 90 degrees weather, and my girls hate being trapped in the house they always want out!

So what Im wondering is should I put a fan in the run with them or in their house?
Their run isnt directly in the sun it has a large tree shading it but it still gets little warm. They go underneath the ramp that leads into the house.

So any advice/tips would be great!!!
I have a fan pointing right at about half of my roosts in the big chickens coop where its the most crowded. My only advice would be to make sure you have some roosting area that is away from the fan as not all chickens seem to enjoj having air blown at them and make sure that you have a spot for everyone who wants one in front of the fan or you will have constant fighting or the best spots.
Is it just a regular fan? Or a heavy duty barn fan? Also what if they dont want to come in the coop? Should I just not worry about it? Thanks for the help!
Mine is just a household box type fan that you can get just about anywhere...If you are worried about them not going in the coop I would just put the fan in after they are roosting for the night...That way they have to deal with it. None of mine have ever seemed to care though.

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