Should I get a poult?


8 Years
Feb 17, 2011
West Mass
I have one turkey poult alone in a brooder. He's 2 weeks old and I think he needs a friend. My fiance is about to
this little poult if he doesn't shut up. There is a feed store about 30 minutes away that has BR poults that are about 3 days old... Would they be safe to brood with an older poult?

They also have meat birds and I wouldn't mind if my fiance wanted to get one to brood with Buzzy then eat at Thanksgiving but I would probably only do that if a 3 day old BR really wouldn't be safe with Buzzy. I'd feel a little bad cooking his buddy.

I have a CD, a stuffed animal and a perch in the brooder for him. There is a heat lamp and he has a whole stand up shower to himself with towels for bedding. He just peeps non stop. He is imprinted and calms down when I let him sit on my lap but I don't have time to sit around all day with him! Although that would be nice...

Thanks in advance, I know I'm worrying too much but I don't want to buy a poult and have Buzzy hurt him or just double the peeping.
Definitely. You might have to watch for a little while to be sure the size difference doesn't cause problems. Get him a couple of buddies and he will be more likely to shutup.
I have put several new hatches with 2 week old poults and it has never been a problem! Just watch them for a while and get 2 or 3 or 5 more!
Thanks for the encouragement... hubby ended up wanting 2
We also got those little cat balls with the bell inside, they love them! ...and feather dusters. We set the brooder up in a tupperware tub with the toys and such, then set up towels on the floor around it and a sideways cement block that Buzzy likes to perch on, in case she wants to get out and wander around. This is all set up inside a stand up shower. These are some spooooiled turkeys...

The little ones are sleepy, Buzzy's not into them and they don't care much about her.

And Buzzy hasn't shut up yet

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