Should I get a roo with 6 free-ranging hens?


Aug 14, 2016
I am going to get 6 hens, and we are going to be letting them free range in our big backyard. Problem is, we have A LOT of huge hawks around here and other predators. I know that you are generally not supposed to have a rooster with a small amount of hens, but in this situation do you think we could? Is there any docile rooster we could get that wouldn't be too much for the hens? We are on a tight budget, and I would love to make a huge run for the girls but we sadly can't.
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I posted it in 2 different categories because I didn't know if i did it in the right one...

Eeek! So sorry
You were quite right to do so - please accept my apologies. No harm done, since you have responded so no other members will see my mistake and will hopefully help you out. Not enough tea this Sunday morning - guess i need some more
I have four bantam hens and three large fowl hens and a bantam rooster and no one is overbred, even with three hens currently raising chicks and not willing to partake in his daily rounds of the ladies. I had a large fowl rooster too and that worked fine. When he was killed the bantam claimed the big girls, too, which was pretty funny until he learned how to make it work (he still has a bit of trouble sometimes). In any case, I consider him essential to the flock. He takes care of the girls well and is always on alert.
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