Should I get a Rooster?

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    I am going to be living in a tent, on about 10 acres of land that I plan to build a house on in 3-5years, my grandparents are still on the land, and my mom is down the street. So it's not as crazy as it may sound. But we are doing it to save money.

    I have 5 chickens where I am at now, so I will be bringing them with me, building a small coop until I figure out where the mansion coop will be going as I plan on getting more chickens for the mansion. :)

    Back to my question about should I get a rooster. ?
    Fertile eggs would be awesome, but that wasn't my first reason on getting a rooster. I heard they can warn/protect the flock of predators. Which is what I am concerned about. We will be camping a bit away from the road and my grandparents house, and my grandfather has seen a fox recently, but I am sure there are more animals out there. while we are away they will be in the coop/run, but while we are there they will be let out, and I know there will be work to be done so I can keep look out at all times.

    My concern about a rooster, is I want it to be friendly with people.
    Can this be done?
    Cant they be trained? or is one breed better than the other?
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    I love roosters, but not even a big rooster is really a match for a fox, but I guess he could slow him down some. They are better for warning against hawks, but you would still need to place convenient shelters nearby for the chickens to take cover from a hawk. I've had some rude roosters and some nice roosters and there really isn't a guarantee what their temperament will be once they reach sexual maturity. Our Buff Orpington roosters are well behaved but they are more entertaining than reliable predator deterrents.
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    The more docile breeds work well for roosters friendly to people. Check out Henderson's Handy Dandy Chicken Chart at

    I think a Buff Orpington rooster, or perhaps a Light Brahma rooster, or even an Easter Egger rooster would be good choices.

    Just remember you don't want an affectionate rooster, but a non-aggressive rooster. He has to remember YOU are his boss.

    I have several roosters and I can walk anywhere in my flock, passing or approaching any of my roosters. So can my visitors. My dominant rooster, Carl, is an EE and he doesn't like to be picked up or handled, but he eats very gently out of my hand.

    As mentioned, a rooster can't take out a fox, and may die protecting his flock so they can be safe. But they are wonderful to have in a flock, they WILL alert the hens to danger, and they'll stop hen squabbles. I think that's well worth having a rooster!
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