should i get a rooster?


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Apr 22, 2014
i am trying to decide if to get a rooster, what all will they do for the flock, if they are helpful what breeds of roosters are the best to get

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Depends on a few things. If you are not looking for fertile eggs, then you really don't need one. Some roosters can be aggressive with you, so keep this in mind. But rooster do serve the purpose of keeping the peace within the flock between the hens. And they can also be good protectors of the flock. Some roosters are very friendly and very pretty as well.

So you need to make this decision as to what you want in your flock. All breeds have the potential for gentle roosters. As for what breeds are best, that I really can't answer for you. In my experience, it is not a particular breed, although some breeds you might want to stay away from, but generally it boils down to each bird individually. Sorry I can't give you a more definitive answer. :)

We welcome you to our flock and enjoy all your poultry adventures!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! With roosters, generally if you are uncertain if you want one, you probably don't want one right now. Get your hens and see how you like them and how they do and then get a rooster at a later date, it is generally not a big problem to add a rooster to a flock of hens.
For getting one right away, really the only reason is if you want to hatch chicks / want fertile eggs you of course want one.
They do add an extra dimension to the flock dynamics with their (hopefully) caring for the hens and watching over them. They are really pretty. They are a little bit of help with predators, alerting to problems so you or the dog have time to take care of the predator. But they can be dangerous around young children, many will attack adults, young roos will really pester the hens and you generally need around 10 hens for one roo or the girls will get overmated. What breed you would want would depend on what you want a roo for and what your girls are if you want to breed.
This is a nice article from the Learning Center on keeping a roo and two nice threads on roosters and keeping / raising them and
Roosters are like relatives: Sometimes, you'd rather they didn't live at your house, but can sometimes be useful.
Other than that opinion, I agree with what's already been said.
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