Should I get a Silkie?


5 Years
Sep 7, 2014
Dallas, TX
Hello! I got three baby chicks yesterday, and expect two more within the next few days. The breeds are Rhode Island Red, Cuckoo Maran, Speckled Sussex, and Ameraucanas. And they will all be within 5 days of each other in age. I'm thinking seriously about getting a 6th chick because I've always absolutely loved Silkies, but I can't decide! Because Silkies can't be sexed that young, there's no guarantee it'll be a female, and I'm not able to keep roosters, nor do I want a rooster, where I am.

Because it's going to be the only Silkie, I think it's important to get it as a baby and raise it alongside the other flock members. So to wait and get an adult that's definitely female, and then hope to mix it into the existing flock without issue, doesn't seem like a great idea.

Should I take a 50/50 chance and pray it's a female? I'm going to be so sad if it ends up crowing and I have to give it away!

Any thoughts or advice?

I have 3 black Silkies, 2 splash black and white mixed and 2 buff ones and they are Bantams. They have not crowed as of yet and are 4 months old. I love them. They are so cute running around with our other Bantams. I hope you get the henyou want.

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