Should I get them?


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May 21, 2009
New york
Well I was talking to this guy and he has 5 hens he was going to sell me for $30

There a year old.

Also he wasnt sure of the breed, he said there 3 brown ones and 2 black ones.

Im guessing rir's and black alstrolpes? (sp)

should i do it and how do i go about quertioning (sp)

I am guessing they are common black and brown production layers.
$6.00 a hen is not a bad deal at all just remember every year a hen is on earth it will lay 20% less eggs. By me in wisconsin 3 month old standard breeds are $10.00. I say who cares the breed the more chickens the better!(unless you're going to use them for breeding). Just have fun:cool:
Quarantine the birds for at least a month, depending on how important your birds are to you (personal attachment?) some people also recommend putting a "sacrificial" bird from your existing flock in with the new birds as sort of a tester for a second month. That way if they are carrying something that your birds aren't resistant to, you only lose ONE bird instead of your whole flock.

Who is this guy? Does he run a licensed hatchery? Or is he just "some guy with chickens"?

Edited to add: Upon reading your signature line, I'd be reluctant to bring in new birds unless they were hatchlings from a NPIP certified hatchery - seems like you could put a lot of stock at risk by bringing in these "unknowns". Personally, I wouldn't do it. But I'm also a little paranoid right now because something is in my flock, and I'm not sure where it came from...
Lost two birds Wednesday night.

Search the board for posts on QUARANTINE and you will find lots more helpful info. Good luck with your decision.
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