Should I have helped the egg sooner?


5 Years
Jul 25, 2018
Southern California
Today is day 20 since my broody started sitting on eggs. Three hatched last night on day 19, the third internally pipped but stopped moving and wasn't chirping. I opened it up today (should I have waited more?) and it was clearly dead. :( Seemed like it pipped internally but the beak was down too low and maybe not enough air/too much fluid? The yolk sac was almost fully absorbed, very little left. If I had opened it sooner, would it have survived? It had two crooked toes on one foot, does that indicate something genetically wrong? Also, why did they hatch so early? I know that's a lot of questions, would truly appreciate your answers.
Thanks a lot,
Thanks for your reply. Temperature has been in the low 90's for a while, occasionally going into the high 90's but rarely over 100. I'm sure. I waited until she was sitting for certain, then gave her fresh eggs.
There could have been bacteria in the egg, since the yolk wasn’t absorbed the only thing you could have done was to give it an air hole but that can also dry the membrane so it has to be a last resort.
The membrane was white when I opened it and felt dry. Maybe that was caused by low humidity here. It could have been bacteria I guess because the shell was unusually speckled (which indicates porousness which can lead to bacteria getting in?) Guess I just chose a bad egg. Oh well. Thanks for your help!

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