should i help it out???


10 Years
May 18, 2009
puyallup wa
so i have a chick that made a hole in the egg about 2 hrs or more ago and is just chirping a little i had a chick earlier do the same thing but died should i help it what should i do
i have a light on above the incubator and he seems to be more active when i have it on?
I just replied to your other posting.......but I've had some chicks go 24 hours from the time of pipping til there were completely out of the shell!!!
You shouldn't help. It could take up to 24 hours for the chick to hatch. There will be periods where the chick will be quiet because it is sleeping, this is normal.
thanks this is very stressful haha i have the light on over the incubator and the music playing and heard more peeping i now have 3 pips so thats good but the thing is he made a big size hole to where is i can see its beak so that is the part that has me worried and has been like that for a while is that normal?
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Hi! We are on our first hatch. Most of them have gone well over what I had expected from pip to being out and all did it in super quick time once they were finally ready to make the move. They were very definitely resting up in between. I interfered on one today as it had been looking very active last night but still no move by lunch-time. It looks like it just was not ready and I have not done it a favour. Its cord never seperated from the shell like the other chicks and it has a big red protrusion (hernia like?) there. I feel really bad and wish I had waited. I am off now to research what this is and if it is likely to have a bad outcome. I learned a big lesson for next time. My advice would be to leave it, 2 hrs seems like a very short time from watching ours over the last few days. I know it is soooo hard. Next time I will take my own advice:( Best of luck with your hatch!

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