Should I Help It? *update- what's wrong with it???


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
I've got an egg that's been trying to hatch all day, and it's only got a hole about the size of a dime so far... another one that was trying to hatch already died, no movement from it at all, no breathing, nothing.
should i help the one that's left? it's beak is still in the little hole, it hasn't moved around the egg yet... maybe the chicks too big or the egg shells from this hen are too thick for them to break out??
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i keep reading that this is a no no but watching my lil one from yesterday, he was the first one to start and he still couldnt get out this afternoon. I think his shell was a bit tough. he had his beak out and crying all day. I did notice that he was turned aound wrong and ting to come out the wrong end. I was naughty and did some research on and decided that he might not make it but i was going to comprimise and took him out. I wet some papertowels with hot water and tried to pat around the area because innermembrane was turning brow and drying out that was exposed. i peeled a bit back using a tweezer. I figured he could get more air as he was in the wrong side of the egg. He continued his fight and after a few hours he did his turn around and broke out. I figured a lil nudge but he had to come out on his own. Id rather him expire on his own in the shell then him being crippled and not making it after comming out. So id go with if his beak is out a bit and he can breath id wait till morning before doing anything drastic. Is he turned the wong way too?
i chipped off the rest of his egg for him and he was able to get out... but a couple things...

1. He's HUGE!!!

2. his stomach is really big, almost tumor-ish like if you can picture that... what's wrong with it?? it's stuck on its back right now... i have never seen anything like this before.
wow at least he made it ok he may big due the big egg yolk or who knows the other pip that die was that big as well?
how many eggs did u had total? what incubator are you using?

i think a pic would be great to see that big boy of yours!!!!
the other one i haven't opened, probably won't. i hate seeing them dead...
same parentage tho... can big babies be genetic? i've only had 4, now 5 of her eggs hatch total out of maybe 30? i'm wondering if they've all been too big... i've got another of that egg type that's just pipped, gotta wait and see...

i had 16 eggs (i think, can't see them all) that went into lockdown from 3 different hens, 2 different fathers. most are GLWxGC or GLWxPolish crosses, and i don't remember what the others were, got them from a friend, but both hen and roo are the same breed, so those are purebred! one of those have hatched so far...

i have a very old hovabator model, i got it when i was a kid, it's at least 10 years old or so, but it works great! hold temp/humidity well, eggs that i've bought from breeders have hatched at almost 100% everytime... it's just my own eggs that seem to have a problem... i have noticed that the GLWxPolish hatch rate is a LOT higher than the GLWxGC eggs, i've done about 30 of those and only have gotten 5 babies so far, and my first batch of polish crosses were 75% and now i've got 3/7 already hatched from them again...
I had a couple that were huge. But this last batch i thought a couple of tummies looked large. From what I can gather from what I have read that perhaps the humidity was too high . I think that was my problem with my second batch. The first batch i guessed and then added more at the end. When i got a hydrometer and read a few sites i thought it needed more and it seems that i added too much by the looks of my chicks.

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