Should I help it?


11 Years
Apr 23, 2008
I don't have a hygrometer (or whatever to measure humidity) but, my sponges were dry when we woke up and I have had 2 hatch. I have a 3rd egg that pipped early yesterday. He is still moving inside the egg, but I think the shell may be too hard. I soaked the sponges and even sprayed warm water lightly on the egg. How long do I wait before I give it a hand? I don't want him to die in there. Oh, there is a whole where he can breathe, he made that yesterday. I know it can take awhile from first pip but with the sponges being dry and the shell seems dry, can it be too dry for them to break out? I don't have a lid so I'm not opening and closing the bator it's homemade. I just hope this little guy/girl makes it out.
There is a sticky somewhere about when to intervene, but I think it is 12 hours.

I let my turkey babies go longer, and I am sorry. One lived, one died, I think if I had helped them sooner, maybe both would have lived.

Oh--that sticky also tells how to do it.

I wish I could remember where it is, but I'll bet someone does.

Thanks, I'll try to do a search. I'm getting really nervous for this little one to get out. I can see his beak moving in there but he's not zipping yet.
Ok, I found it, go up to the top of the page on incubation, and there is a stick called ME's on Hatching, and intervention is in that.

Sorry to keep babbling, but I found this so helpful--it is the second one down, when intervention is necessary as a last resort, and it tells you EXACTLY what to do.

Very helpful.

It can take up to 28 hours to hatch after pipping. Please DO read the'll get varying opinions, but I personally feel strongly that you should NOT help. If a chick cannot hatch on its own, there is a reason, and if you help it, you are encouraging a "late hatching" propensity. And remember that after they pip, that is when they absorb the last of the blood from the this is why it takes awhile before they zip/hatch. Hang in there! And BEST of luck on your hatch!

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