Should I keep the Roos?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by macdoogle2, Jul 22, 2011.

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    A while back I incubated eggs bought off E-BAY. I ended up with 5 boys and 3 girls. 4 of the boys and 3 of the girls are black copper marans and the last boy is a 'supposed to be Auracana' but is actually an EE. When the boys started crowing I took them all to a farm while I checked with the neighbors about the noise. (I'm not sure about whether Roos are allowed and all that.)I was actually surprised as all the neighbors either didn't mind or actually enjoyed the sound of crowing. Many encouraged me to keep the roosters. I was planning on getting 1 of the BCMS and the EE back tomorrow. I have 10 mature hens. Is this a good idea? Is 2 roos with 10 hens too much? I plan on adding 4 more pullets to the flock but they are months away from being old enough. Keep in mind that the boys are 4 month old cockerels. Thanks in advance from any advice. [​IMG]
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    Depends on your chickens. You may (or are likely to) see signs of overmating such as torn back feathers, and they will likely compete with one another to be top roo, which is more violent with some than with others. Unless you free range so that a roo is likely to sacrifice himself to save his girls, I'd probably just get one. Your girls will be happier. Even two roos with14 hens can be too many.

    What great neighbors! I love the sound of crowing as well. Many of my neighbors have roosters, too, and we are treated to crowing contests at times.

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