should i keep them together?


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Aug 7, 2012
I have a 6 mos. d'uccle cockerel and hen that I recently had to separate because he was starting to make peck wounds on her head...they have been separated for about a week while she heals, and I didn't know since I live in nh and its starting to get cold if I should put them back together...

My only concern is he will reopen or create a new peck mark and iI understand they hold theheads while they mate- just not sure the best way to winter them...
Sounds like he is overbreeding her. The best solution would be for him to have several girlfriends so that he can spread his affections around, instead of concentrating on her. He may also be less likely to overdo it as he gets older, he is still in his teenage years and some young males tend to be a little - well, randy.

I have 2 pullets that aren't old enough yet to go out to their coop-they are only about 5-6 weeks old that I just got the other day; i got them to help the hen to roo ratio for them. Until they are old enough, should I keep the cockeral and hen separate?

I just bought 3 pullets the other day (were shipped from Ohio) and one has already died-I am convinced it was from coccidiosis-bloody stool, unstable, weak, dehydrated, etc. The other two are having bloody stools as well, but are being treated with Sulmet-eating and drinking really well, so I am crossing my fingers I do not loose them as well. I know Corid is a better therapy, but they didnt have it at my feed I am hoping this will cure them.

Once they are free of disease I may try too integrate them to my hen- but i worry it may be too cold for them...

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