Should I look for egg-bound?

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    Oct 31, 2008
    Our egg production is down to one a day, but the boss says he sees several of the hens sit in the nests during the day. The hens are into their second and third years and could possibly be molting but they look great with wonderful full feathers. In fact, they are feathered so well it doesn't look like roo Barney is touching them.
    Can they molt without losing feathers? Anyone have mature hens spending time in the nests without laying? He is certain there is no egg eating going on because he is actively checking on them during the day, especially when he sees one on the nest. He says they sit there in the heat, panting and looking for all the world like they want to lay! There are 3 doing this-- could we have all of them eggbound or is it just heat stress?
    Otherwise they look happy and healthy!

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