should i move hen & nest before hatch or after

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    Jun 6, 2008
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    gracie is due to hatch her eggs either this thursday or friday. right now she is in her nesting box which is about 12-14 in above the floor of their coop. it's only gracie mae and mr chubbs and gracie's 4 eggs.
    my question is should i move her nest to a box on the floor now or should i waite until the eggs hatch. i'm affaride the babies will fall on the floor before i get home if i waite but i'm also nervous about moving gracie before the hatch. will she stay with the eggs or maybe give up?
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    i wait untill 24 hours (or so) after they hatch... not all hatch at the same time some will take a day longer... the already hatched babies dont need food untill they are 2 days old...
    just keep an eye out for any falling babies..
  3. Southernbelle

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    Mar 17, 2008
    I agree, wait until after. You don't want to disturb her right now. The babies shouldn't even want to go anywhere for the first few days. My Silkie continued to get off the nest to eat when her babies were hatching and the early babies would just sit in the box and cry for her when she left.

    I wouldn't worry too much about them getting hurt if they fall. Haven't you seen those chicken sexing hatchery videos? They toss the babies down chutes! I'm sure the shavings on your coop floor is a softer landing than a conveyor belt.
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    Every body has a different way of doing things. I move the hen and nest early on down to floor level. That way, if there are any complaints, you can deal with them before the chicks hatch. Also, she needs to be alone. Mr. Chubbs may feel amorous and crack an egg. In any event she would appriciate her privacy. here`s a good article for ya.......
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  5. chickie momma di

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    ya know, your right (southernbelle) about the hatchery & chicks. [​IMG] i saw an eppisode of dirtest jobs and it showed how mac murray hathcery vent sexes the newborns. omg do they seem ruff on those little ones. [​IMG] i'm more worried if one fell out that it would get cold and die. [​IMG]
    today when we went to check on gracie we felt the eggs when she got up to eat. we had been making her get up but the last couple of days we are trying to be hands off (boy is that hard). i enticed her off with a plate of goodies which she couldn't resist when i shook it. anyway ........when i put my hand on the eggs they were vibrating!!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] so excited!!!
    we're just praying gracie knows what she's doing. so far she's been such a great momma we want this for her so bad (and of course for us too).
    a couple of days will tell.

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