Should I move her, or let her go for a ride?

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  1. GwenFarms

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    Feb 26, 2008
    I found another surprise nest. Some of you may remember the hen and chicks I found last week under the barn. After finding that nest I took a look around and realized that another of the poop spreading hens were missing. I assumed she had a nest somewhere, but couldn't find it. Today dh began working on our farm truck, which has been parked for about a month. He leans across the back to open the toolbox and there, snug as a bug, is the hen, under the box, sitting on a big nest of eggs.

    He has the truck running and we will be using it some this week. We are unsure how long she has been setting, but it has been a couple of weeks atleast. We're debating rather we should take a chance and move her, risking her abandoning her eggs, or just leave her there and drive her around with us. What do you think?
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    Mar 22, 2008
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    i would be concerened of her reaction when the truck starts to move. Could she jump of the truck while driving down the road? The truck operating could cause more panic than carefully moving her and the toolbox a few feet
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    Nov 19, 2007
    the eggs might crack if you drive with her in the truck.
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    Jan 11, 2007
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    It could go both ways.
    I have an older ford ranger I usually use to take off the trash. Well, I decided I was sick of taking off the trash so I asked my friend to start picking up my trash with the town trash truck.
    I went down town to the post office one day and when I came out of the PO I heard a hen cackling like all heck and broken loose. I was like, where is that fuss coming from. Then I noticed a little buff bantam hen I had standing on the cab of my truck. She was telling the world she had laid. Of course, she flew off and I never could catch her. For the longest time I'd see her in the town park. lol Later I figured she was just laying and not broody because the second time it happened, a bunch of pine needles had gotten betwen the cab and the spare tire. I went down town and just by chance the dw had a large package that needed to be picked up. When I set the package over in the truck I saw the hen there. She was in her obvious "broody trance" and never blinked an eye. Since I did not know how long she had been broody I just decided I'd leave her alone that maybe it would not be long.
    About 2 days later..the siren went off for a fire call and I ran out the house and jumped in the truck and down the road I went. The fire call must have lasted just long enough for her to want get off and do her business cause 4 hours later when we were turning back into the parking lot, she jumps up on the side of the truck bed.
    It had been a heck of a brush fire and I was beat. I started to just leave her butt there, but I decided I'd walk over to the store and get me a soft drink and nabs. While over at the store talking to mother and sister, I saw her easing her way back to the truck. It took just about 30 minutes but she finally jumped back on the truck and settled down. I gave her about 15 more minutes and then I went and started the truck and headed home as fast as possible.
    I'd wait until it was dark and set the tool box, it's the surest way to not loose a hen or have to be chasing one in a location other than home!
    BTW...the truck bed is totally empty now. If I have a flat, I'll have to come home and get it from the garage.
    God, I hated loosing my little buff hen. I never could figure out where she was roosting and whenver I went to the park she was always hanging around the woods and would vanish if I got close.
    Good luck!
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    Feb 26, 2008
    He took the truck for a test drive and it didn't disturb her a bit. The eggs are under the tool box. Its one of those kinds that fit over the truck bed and she is pretty secure, but I still think we will try to move her tommorow maybe. I sure hope she goes back to sitting.

    Sorry about your buff hen, but it made a good story [​IMG]

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