should i or shouldnt i disbudd.

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    I am tossing the idea of disbudding the new goats. Is this a good idea. I can go to tsc store and buy the disbudder.Never did it before. I dont know anybody that has. There is pro and cons about this. Myself i dont like horns. HOw old do you normaly do them?Right now they are only 3 days old.
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    Apr 22, 2008
    I would disbud, but I would probably try and find someone who has done it before to show you how the first time if possible. I had mine disbudded by someone else, but I plan on doing the next kids on my own. I have mini-manchas and the boys were done at 8 days old, the girl at 18 days old. There is a good picture tutorial on .
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    If you disbud you have to do it in the first week. It is traumatic for the disbudder, the disbudded kid will be back to normal in a very short time. Follow the directions with the disbudder and/or get Storey's book on dairy goats or meat goats and it will give you precise directions.

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    Please offer advice in a constructive manner.
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    We do not like disbudding. But it is a personal choice, it really depends on your reasoning why. We decided that our goats would have horns. They were born with them so why not leave it that way. We have not had a problem with any one hurting another goat or person. We also like the protection factor. And then there is the fact that neither of us could do it, and we are too afraid of causing damage to the goat, and when it is not done correctly it looks kinda odd.
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    Aug 29, 2008
    i was going to do it with these guys but my husband didnt want want any part of it..and they are fine! they butt each other but they havent seriously hurt anyone except for our duck, and that was only once.
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    Please do not potstir. Use the report button do you come to the conclusion I was potstiring?

    This topic has been discussed ad nauseum...hence I was <sitting back and smiling> and asking some other opinionated individuals to take up the soap box.
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    Apr 22, 2008
    Every goat owner has to make this choice for themselves. But when their horns are just starting to grow and you disbud (not dehorn), it's not like you are cutting off their horns and leaving an open hole into their sinus cavity.

    As far as what age, my doeling who was disbudded at 18days, just didn't have enough horn bud to determine where to burn until she was long past a week old. I don't think you could feel anything at all until she was about two weeks old.

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    I kept the horns on all my goats. The only problem I had with them was getting them caught in the fence. They soon learned how to move their heads just right to avoid getting it stuck. If you have a fence with small holes, then you won't have this problem. I was very careful about not playing with the kids . No head pushing or letting them head-butt me. My son was told how to play around the goats. Don't touch the head only pats on the back. If you take the time to raise the goats correctly you most likely won't have any touble with the horns.
    Most ppl worry about the goats harming each other. I didn't have that problem. My goats were in a very large pen with plenty of room. No crowding. These are just my thoughts. Good luck making the decision. Don't forget to post pic of the new babies.
  10. reallemons1

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    Mar 31, 2008
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    As said, it's really a choice everyone has to make for themselves in their own situation. As for mine, I dehorn. I've not had any any problems with any healing from dehorning or with dehorned goats. I have had problems with horned goats and fencing. My horse and ponies sometimes share pasture with the goats and I won't risk injuries to them from horned goats. Do what works for you. Do try to find someone with experience to teach you how to dehorn properly if you can.

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