Should I or shouldn't I??? Edit- I did! UPDATE WITH PICS

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    First, I have two very loud very active chicks. They are beating the hell out of the eggs. They walk ok, but are still wobbly and ones dry but the other ( which hatched first) looks dry but sticky. But i've never had such loud chicks. Should I move them to the brooder with food and water? I am concerned about the eggs because one that was constantly rocking since last night hasn't twictched since it got rolled over by the chicks. And i'm worried these chicks are hungry or something because they are soooo noisy!

    And I know a lot of people are against intervening..but. Today I intervened and saved a was soooo shrinkwrapped. It was my fault I screwed up the humidity at first and she was pipped for over 30+ hours. The shell pretty much crumbled off and the chick was left in a leathery sack. She was gasping fiercely. 15 mintutes after I got her out she was walking and breathing normally. I know I did the right thing. It was 74% humidity when I left...when I got back it was 61% and the one that had pipped knocked a triangle of shell off and it appears that theres a solid white membrane that looks unpenetrated covering the hole. Looks just like the first one I'd helped. It pipped around 1 pm and its not moving or anything since. Since it hasn't been that long, should I wait? Or should I help? Will it shrinkwrap the other pipped egg? Plus, I'm having issues getting the humidity to stay up. All the wells are filled, theres a wet towel and a sponge in a cup of water. If I add hot water through a straw it bumps up the humidity for almost an hour then drops again. Thanks in advance.

    OK..I got some great advice. And I helped. OMG...I have never seen shrinkwrapping like this. The top half of the egg was completely empty. This particular egg had a damaged air cell that was huge and went down the side of the egg...when candled it took up most of the egg. Well as you can sorta see in the pics, the chicks head is compressed wayyyy down and theres a wrinkly membrane compressing its head. It was as dry and leathery as can be imagined. theres a little blood so I wet the membrane and left it. She is incredibly weak...I don't know if she'll make it...but now she actually has a chance. The pics aren't good...wish you could see it in person. wow. Just wow.


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    Some people leave the chicks until they all hatch. I prefer to take them out once a day. I don't help a chick unless it has been pipped for a full ,24 hours. Stick another sponge in that is soaked but not in a cup of water. Happy hatching:)

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