should i pip the shell????????

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8 Years
May 20, 2011
Day 24/25....nothing happening but I candled last night and saw my good sized chick in there....just no movement....what should I do??? I'm so worried!!!1
Gently Hold the egg up to your ear, and then even more gently tap the shell a few times. if you hear peeping put it back in the 'bator or under your broody. If there is nothing, candle it. if you see movement put it back, if not try and open it, it might just be a chick that didn't survive, or a early quitter.
okay...well, last night I candled them and one looks the best, but no movement. I did rock it a bit and tap it and you think it's dead or I maybe should help out? Never done this before....
wait, before you open it go one step further and float test the egg.. Put the egg in a cupfull of warm water.. let it in there until everything settles down.. If the chick is still alive, the egg will move and quiver in the water.. easily seen..
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