Should I put my duckling down? ):


May 9, 2020
Hi Everyone,
Ginger is in the vet in an oxygen tank at the moment. The vet informed me she has fluid in her lungs which is common when something traumatic happens to a duckling. She said they are going to give her an anti inflammatory drug and try to administer a small amount of food. She said if the oxygen doesn’t help by tonight that I should consider euthanising her but she also informed me she has very little experience with birds (despite claiming to do aviary on their website). I feel like Ginger may have a chance if I bring her home tonight after oxygen therapy. Do you guys think I should give her a chance or put her down? Is there any at home treatment I can do for her tonight? She doesn’t seem to be in a lot of pain and she is very calm when I pick her up. She can swim in water but no eating or drinking yet. Any ideas? Thank you guys.

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