should I put them in an incubator?

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    Sep 21, 2010
    Okay, this is a long story. I bought eggs from two different breeders. My broody was sitting on them all. The two eggs from the one breeder hatched at day 21. It is day 24 and the eggs from the other breeder still haven't hatched. I did a float test yesterday and if it was right 8 out of nine are good. Before the two chicks hatched my broody would let me take her out twice a day to eat and do her business. She would only stay out about 3 minutes but, at least she would do her business. Well since the two chicks have hatched she has not been wanting to stay out long enough to go the bathroom. I put her out to go the bathroom this morning and she got back in with the eggs and chicks and pitched a big fit. She started kicking chicks, eggs and chips all up under her and not very gently I might add. I was taking the time she was out just to peek in and see if anything was happening with the eggs but, honestly I think I need to try to mess with her even less. I am scared she might hurt the chicks that have already been born. At the same time I don't just want to leave the eggs down there because, if they are bad I don't want them to explode in there with the chicks. At 24 days of being under a broody would it be okay to get an incubator and putting them in it on lock down. I don't know at this point that might be the safest thing for all babies involved. This is my first hatch though so I want to make sure this won't hurt the babies in the eggs. That is if anyone is alive. If I put them in lock down what is it and how do I do it. Also what do I do about the fact my hen won't get out to go to the bathroom?

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    Sep 21, 2010
    somebody help please!!!![​IMG]
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    Sep 7, 2010
    Hopefully all worked out by now.

    If there is a really bad egg in the nest the hen is likely to kick it out, if one breaks she will clean the mess up.

    Best likely to leave it to the hen as she knows best. If a hen walked off of some still viable but slow eggs I would toss them in incubator to see if they would hatch.

    Also if a hen continued to sit for 3 days after first chicks hatched and was not getting them out to feed I would pull the un hatched eggs or chicks to make sure they started on food and water. Never had that happen though.

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