Should I remove the eggs from my broody?

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    I feel bad. I had a broody hen who hatched three eggs that I put underneath her. At the time she had two of her own eggs under her. Well, I took the three that she hatched because there were 10 other babies in the coop and it made me nervous. Well, she's still sitting on two of her own eggs, but they are cracked, and I'm sure no good. What will happen if I remove them? Will she get off the eggs on her own otherwise. I feel bad just "stealing" them from her! I know very little about broody hens! Thank you!
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    I just 'stole' 8 chicks from my hen. [​IMG]

    She may or may not keep setting. My hen booted another broody of the nest, and started settin'

    on her eggs! [​IMG] If she's not breaking, and if you don't want her to be broody, try putting

    her in a cage with a wire bottom. She will realize it's drafty in the bottom, and not want to hatch

    eggs there. Wish you the best! [​IMG]
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