Should I segregate injured duck?


8 Years
May 28, 2011
I have a 1 month Mallard with an injured R leg. I noticed him limping and not choosing to use the leg, however still has mobility of it. Upon eval it appears his R knee is swollen (compared to the L). He is still moving around the pen with the two other ducks but with some difficulty. I don't know if placing him in a cage would help, so he doesn't move around on it and give the leg some rest, however would the stress on him not being with his buddies be bad? Or should I just let him do his own thing and be happy he's with his buddies? Right now he's in a small cage in side the pen so he won't move around but can still see everyone.

Am I doing the right thing? Comment, questions, or concerns?

My Crested Rouen Drake sprained his leg badly some how...his ankle ballooned and he could not bear wheight...I isolated him in a dog run for about two weeks...he was pitiful trying to get around...but he wanted to live...he ate, dragged himself to water...I had a kiddie pool in the run and would put him in several times a day so he could remain hydrated and three weeks he wanted out and felt well enough to try squeezing through the gate and the appeared that he was doing more harm to himself trying to get out than the good he could be doing by being still so I put him back with the flock...he paced himself and his best girls stuck with him...he is 100% today...I think what you are doing is good...I would do some water therapy tho...supervised and short periods...he needs to stay clean, hydrated and work the leg as much as he is able...hope it goes well...

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