Should I separate hen from chicks?

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    I have a hen that has six week old chicks. She and her chicks are separated from the rest of flock. She is one of 7 hens all raised together. I tried to let everone out to free range together and all seemed to be going well. The others didn't pay much attention to the chicks and they were milling around together until one of the hens that was not present at first brutally attacked the momma. I actually didn't see who started it she may have gone after the chicks first. Anyway it was a serious tug of war and I could just see if they would stop. Anyway, I am wondering will she have to go through this rough reintroduction even when the chicks are grown. Should I separate her from her chicks she seems very light in weight. I have 5 other mail order chicks the same age that I need to introduce as well. Thanks for any advice.

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    Leave her with the chicks so that she can regain weight lost during brooding. Periodically free range them with the others, and eventually she will reintegrate herself into the flock along with her chicks. There will be skirmishes along the way, but in a free range situation she will be able to get away. Just chickens being chickens.
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    My broody with 3 week old chicks is just now starting to get color back into her comb. She and the other broody with the two week old chicks are very good mothers. I had no idea that Wheaten Ameraucanas would be this good.

    These pics are from two weeks ago... still no color in the comb then.


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