Should I still have the heat lamp on if they still seem to like it?


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May 18, 2011
We have 3 chicks who turned 5 weeks today. They are in a spare room in our house that is kept at 70 degrees. I have a 250 watt heat lamp in the room. At what point, do we turn it off? They still sometimes go and sit under it. I worry too about them getting too cold, as they have been sneezing for a week (no other symptoms, well, that this 1st time chicken owner can tell anyway). At the same time, I roast when I am in the room with them and will be happy to turn it off. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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It is weening time, for sure. Start with lowering the bulb down to a 90 watter for a day or two. By weeks end, and they are 6 weeks old, no light. With a constant 70 degree indoor temp, they already pretty cushy. Give them a couple days with no light whatsoever, so adjust to dark nights.

At 6 1/2 weeks, out they go. There is no reason to keep them in a brooder at that point, and besides, it will June. Momma Hen would have kicked them out from her nesting care long ago.
70 is plenty warm enough for 5 week old chicks. They'll fuss at dusk because they don't like the dark, but they don't need the light. Better to get them used to darkness settling in while they're safe inside instead of having all that noise attract predators outside, imo.

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