Should I take the last goose egg inside?

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    I posted this undergeese , but not sure it will get answered.....
    Ok, I mentioned in my surprise goose baby(stinky) I found (see yesterdays post under help arrgh,etc in Geese.) today I found the smashed 2nd baby/egg I put back from the ground near the other female (not the broody mom) and other ganders , obviously dead. Maybe or next time I'd take it in and see if it were alive, put in hatcher instead of under mom.
    There is one egg left. (out of 5) lots of broken shells. That accounts for 3 of the 5. 2 were duds or exploders? No other bodies. Mom is now alone. I think maybe I shouldn't have left her gate open to outside for other geese. Her gander usually was with her at night. But yesterday I f ound all 4 geese inthere. And the 2nd female has been trying to go broddy and i have been chasing her off her night nest and moved it out. I wonder if she was trying to steal the baby, egg or trying to help?She was setting next to the broody mom, with the half open egg next to her.(the one that was smashed / died this morning.)(there are mice/possibly rats that could get access,)
    The hatchling is doing ok, under a light and on a animal warming pad. I have shown it the water and it drank a bit. Put food in today, but it is manly resting. (Meanwhile my Holderead ducks and one of my Shetland geese of 5 came today, a female with a saddleback)wee.
    So I have eggs in the incubator with one duckling starting to zip. I also have a spare Hovabator I was thinking of using for a hatcher ...
    Should I leave the egg with the mom? Or take it and put in the incubator or hatcher. It is somewhat dirty and the stinky stuff is probably on it, that I had to wash off the baby that reaked (I may call it " Fabreeze"). They are tufted Buffs geese.

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