Should I take them in?

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    Mar 10, 2011
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    My neighbor has a broody hen who is being very persistant, so she decided to give her a few eggs. The other night I went to go candle them for her, and all 3 are developing. She offered for me to take them if they hatch, because she doesn't want any more chickens. I have been missing having little babies running around, and I would LOVE to take them, but I am worried about having to introduce them to my flock when they get older. I believe the chicks will be D'uccles.

    In my previous flock, I would intergrade 3-6 new birds once or twice a year. There was always a TON of fuss for the first few weeks, then the new birds would always become the shy little outcasts, and I always felt SO bad for them! I was wondering of maybe it was just the breed of the older hens? We had 8 production red hens, and they were always meaner than snakes to the little guys! This year's flock consists of 28 5-month-old EE's, BR's, D'uccles, OEGB's, and Wyandottes. We have 7 roosters.

    Anyway, my questions are:

    1) Was it the breed of my hens that made them so mean to the new birds?
    2) Would they get picked on worse in my bigger flock, or accepted easier?

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