should I try to drain abdomen?

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    Oct 13, 2009
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    I need some advice and support please... My 1.5 year old Buckeye hen started having problems several weeks ago - she seemed thin and so I moved her to the smaller barn which was warmer and had less chickens so she could be more alone. I thought she was making good progress until 4 days ago her vent became very messy. Her keel is very prominent. I brought her into the house so I could get more feed into her and keep her warmer. She ate scrambled eggs like she was starving. I also kept her egg layer crumbles in front of her and put electrolytes in her water. She looked like she was feeling better. Then early yesterday morning, her abdomen started filling up and she started with the penguin stance, moving very little. I went to the vet and got some Baytril and gave her .25ml. She ate more scrambled eggs and was drinking her water very well. I put a heat light on for her because she was starting to quiver, our enclosed back porch is not heated but is warmer than the barn. She loves the heat light, but she is starting to go downhill quickly. Her abdomen is distended and is hard. I gave her more Baytril today. I have read about draining the abdomen - should I try this or is it a lost cause??? Please tell me what you think........Thank you.......
  2. bunnibird55

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    Oct 13, 2009
    NW Ohio
    Please....any advice? Penny is still hanging in there....seems a bit better....but I know with her distended abdomen it is not good. She loves her heat light and seems a bit more relaxed under that. Maybe the Baytril is helping...... any advice comments? She prefers eating scrambled eggs over anything else....
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    Yes try draining her abdomen.
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    I have had a few that needed to be drained.
    The problem is, it usually never goes away.
    Chickens are very prone to cancer, and I had one girl in particular the had liver failure, that is why she kept needing to be drained.
    It just prolongs the obvious-- death.
    If you feel confident enough to do it, find a spot on her abdomen in the area where her knee rubs up against her belly, there are usually no feathers in that region.
    Very rarely will it be a "once and done" procedure, but there is hope...
    Good luck!

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