should I try to find a female or two?

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by sunket77, May 25, 2010.

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    May 21, 2009
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    I figured out that I have 2 boys and had one girl, she fell victim to a loose dog her first evening out [​IMG] So now all I have are the to cocks. I read that guineas are monogamous and really don't want them "falling in love" with one of my chickens. So should I try to find some females for them around the same age? I have seen adult guineas at the feed store but I would be concerned that an older guinea would lead them astray. These guys are sticking around great, I raised them from keets. Funny thing is is that I had them in a run with all the young chicks and raised them together. They would spend most of their day by that run trying to get back in. Then I moved the chicks, the bigger layers in with the laying flock and the younger ones and bantams into the bantam run and now they spend they outside of either one of those runs.... chickens are funny because they hardly remember each other from day to day and you can usually sneak new ones into the coop at night. But the guineas seem to remember the chicks they where raised with and want to be with them. [​IMG] this is only our second year with chickens and our first experience with guineas and they are cool! NOISY but cool [​IMG] So should I find the boys some girlfriends or will they be ok on their own?
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    i would get them 2 girls as they always seem to be happier in pairs i think.

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