should I wait a day after receiving shipped eggs to incubate?

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    I got told to let the eggs sit in room temperature for a day after I receive them to let them settle last time I hatched shipped eggs i didn't and they turned out fine.... also im getting 2 different batches 16 today and 8 tomorrow how should I work that? ... if it makes any difference I have a brinsea octagon 20 eco with auto turn
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    Below is a paste from the Hatching 101 Article... Good Luck with your hatch!!

    Hatching Eggs 101 ~ Guide to ASSISTED Hatching ~ Mushy Chick Disease


    Shipped Eggs = Change Of Plans!
    Shipped eggs have a MUCH lower hatch rate, even with experienced hatchers!
    It’s always best to get local eggs to get the best hatch rate. Sources for eggs are to search the BYC buy sell trade section, Craigslist and eBay. Your local thread on BYC may be the best bet for local eggs! Look for your local site in the “Social section” “Where am I? Where are You!” on BYC.

    Rolls like a Carpenters Level
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Important Links to AIR CELL DAMAGE...

    The yolk of an egg is held in place on each end by what is called Chalaza. These are delicate cords that keep the yolk centered in the egg. When you crack open an egg, you notice a white stringy thing on the yolk, this is the Chalaza. When eggs are shipped they encounter postal handlers that toss the packages, sorting machinery, bumpy vehicle rides, temperature changes and possibly X-ray Machines! So by the time the eggs get to you they are pretty much scrambled inside. So if you are going to buy eggs and have them shipped to you, be aware that the viability drops TREMENDOUSLY. There are rare instances when they ALL arrive safely but it is always a gamble.



    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    CONCLUSION ~ Shipped eggs
    For rolling, detached or disrupted air cells (cells no longer at fat end of the egg but like a bubble level on the long side, rolling or saddle shaped cells), you’ll need to change your hatch plan. They need to sit 24 hours NO TURNING, pointy end down in a Styrofoam Egg Carton with the bottoms cut out for ventilation to possibly reattach air cells. Allow eggs to sit in a moderately cool, somewhat humid place for 12-24 hours before you begin to incubate them. Basements are great. Moderately cool means 65-75 degrees with the fat end UP. After settle period SET Shipped eggs in the incubator in the carton with bottoms cut out as pictured below, do not turn for 36-48 hours to help air cell re-attach. To leave them in the egg carton for all 21 days of the hatch will give you a better hatch rate. After 36-48 hours begin turning or hand turn by laying the eggs side to side 3 times a day, as in the image below. REMINDER~ Never Set COLD eggs in the incubator.

    Below image are Eggs in A Carton with Bottoms cut out for Ventilation

    Below image of Turning Shipped Eggs, just lean to opposite side.

    BELOW is a short video of an Rolling Detatched Air Cell

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