Should I wait till spring??

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    Apr 14, 2007
    I hope this is the correct place for this..If not let me know.

    We have been working on my coop and run since Spring. The coop is complete, the run is just getting started but in reality I have no idea when it will be finished! I had NOT wanted chicks, I wanted to start out with hens or young/point of lay pullets! Stardard Ameraucanas, Marans, Barred Rocks and RIR were my starting choice.

    Would you just forget the hens until spring? OR go ahead and locate the breeders and get what they have to offer--even IF they are not exactly what you want--you know- 'Any hen is better than no hen" ?

    Thank you for your suggestions and /or opinions..Dixie
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    If you are just looking for laying hens you could try to contact some breeders. They might have some culls available. Otherwise it might be late in the year to try and find some. [​IMG]
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    Unless you're buying from an NPIP cert, closed flock, I would start with chicks.

    I bought my first birds (started pullets and hens) from a breeder who seemed knowledgeable, his birds all appeared healthy and he claimed they were vet checked, freshly wormed, etc...

    Unfortunately I had to rehome all of them recently after we discovered they were infected with a contagious illness that would eventually take their lives as well as a common yet chronic respiratory disease.

    I now regret that initial purchase more than I can express. I have to disinfect everything and start completely over. I have an order of chicks coming and was advised by an avian/poultry researcher that buying chicks from a hatchery or very reliable source was the safest route possible.

    If you are already going through a very reliable source, don't intend to integrate from other flocks and have an idea of what breeder you want to use then I would go ahead and get your chooks now! It takes some time for birds to feel comfortable in their new place and they would hopefully start laying nice eggs for you by Spring!
  4. Although you can get good deals on laying hens this late in the season, i would suspect that this is drying up quickly. Everyone is starting to "close " thier flocks for the winter. I for one do not wish to buy are trade any further because the weather is turning and the chickens will show diseases and may infect. I have about 30 or so that were hatched from the flock and I will introduce or sell them later in the fall. I would suggest that if you do get hens be SURE they are from a "closed" flock such as I have described. I introduced my guinea and plymouth rocks that I grew up in the nursery. I am confident these are disease free birds becuase I raised them. I have sold off all the ones I do not want (5 to 8 weeks old) and people are paying a nice price becuase they have not been exposed to any flock. The nursery is far from the main barn and is locked up and predator proof. It has its own food and water and nothing is transported to or from the main barn. This way I have an excellent chance of disease free birds.

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