Should I wait?


9 Years
Aug 17, 2010
Eaton Rapids, Michigan
This is my first time hatching ducklings. The first one hatched about 2am (Sunday) and is bright eyed and appears healthy. I put food on a margarine lid but it doesn't seem interested. I have a few babies that are pipping, but if they go like the first one, it could be another day or so before they completely hatch.

I have the first baby in the brooder and he's just laying around all happy it seems. I know if he was around someone else he could learn to eat so I'm wondering if it's ok to put my 1 month old bantam OE in there? Or should I wait and hope the others will encourage each other to eat?
Don't worry. When they first hatch, they have just absorbed all the nutrients from the yolk and they are often not hungry for a day or two. He will find the food when he's hungry. You can put him back in the incubator if you like, but he's probably just fine in the brooder too. Keep it in the room with the incubator so he can hear the cheeping from the incubator.
Oh yeah, forgot that part. Glad to know he's good for a couple of days. I have two more that are in a race to hatch so the first will have company by tomorrow. Thanks. I'm just a really bad worrier lol

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