Should I?


11 Years
Jun 7, 2008
Scappoose Oregon
Or should I not tell my absolutely chicken crazy husband I figured out how to almost double our coop space fairly cheaply?


He can barely nail two boards together so he'll never think of it and right now he's bummed that we can't get anymore birds.
Oooohhhhh Noooo, I've learned to ask for his help as little as possible. He's good at lifting big heavy stuff or holding something still, but the man's an engineer. By the time he's done the calculations and worked out the structural requirements I'm done.

According to his calculations the main coop with it's planted eco roof should have collapsed after the first rain, let alone holding up 3 ft of snow. It's stood solid for two years now.
Are you kidding?!?!?

This is a great way to get him to gain experience with building, and you get to be the bearer of great news!!

Huge win!!
That's hysterical! It's also typical of some well in their heads...why can't it go the same for real??? They are a funny bunch.

Well, then you tell him you figured it out, and you do what I would do: go get the power tools and make it!! If you're like me and married a guy who is relieved not to have to do it all and isn't emasculated by you doing 'guy things' then get to it, cookie, and maybe he'll make you a nice dinner!

**ETA- I get to poke fun at engineers because I worked in the Engineering Dept. at a huge University for a LONG time...and that's what persuaded me not to be one...I'm a hands-on geek.
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