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Jul 19, 2011
I could really use your opinions!

I have five chickens...four are together and are 2-5 months. The problem I am having is introducing my Silkie to them. She is only 1 month old and a bantum, so I am really nervous for when I do introduce her to the others. Should I get another chicken that is the same age as my Silkie? Will it be safer to introduce two so they don't team up on her?
I think one month is too young to try to introduce to a group of older chickens. And even if it were the same size, introducing one chicken to a group usually has bad results, at least primarily. Someone who has done this before needs to help you. I'm just cautioning you based on what I have read here!
if you could get her a friend to be introduced with, it would make for a much smother transition. but I would wait till your chickens are closer in size. like another 6-12 weeks.
If you absolutely have to get her integrated with the older ones sooner than you are comfortable with (whether today or next month) you could make her a "creep".

It is any sort of thing that will allow a smaller animal to get into a safe place but the larger ones cannot.
I have seen such a thing used with pigs, and I made a makeshift one when I returned my mama hen & her 6 new babies to the coop. I think my chicks were a week old, very tiny. They learn real quickly where safety is! Mama tries to protect them all but the "creep" gives them a backup plan. It also gave me a safe place to put the tray of chick crumbles as the hens would gobble it up instead of eating their layer pellets.

Look around your yard and garage, maybe a plastic milk crate? Maybe an old basket from your freezer? You'll only need it for a month or so, doesn't have to be too wonderful, just strong.
Thank you!

I don't have to intigrate them now...I just really needed more back up in talking my husband into another chick!!!

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