should small bantams have problems eating pellets?

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    Aug 9, 2011
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    should small bantams have problems eating pellets?

    i have oegb and use a 10lb plastic hanging feeder from tractor supply. my chickens knock crumbles onto the ground that are wasted and messy so i just switched them to pelltets last week. i have noticed a drop in the feeder, but it looks like they are just picking at the pellets. does anyone else feed small bantams pellets?

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    Feb 23, 2011
    I accidentally bought a bag of pellets (I usually feed crumbles, they are right next to each other and the bags look identical) and wasn't sure how my seramas and sebrights would react. I decided to just try giving them some because I knew my big chickens would eat them anyway, and they've been eating them fine.
    Maybe not as much is gone because they are wasting/throwing out less?
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    I have a bantam White Leghorn in with my standard-sized birds (you can watch them on my live-streaming cam at and the bantam eats the pellets just fine. There will be a day or two of adjustment when you switch feed, but she won't starve! There's a lot less waste with the pellets.
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    I have seramas and the only thing I feed is pellets (well expect for chicks). All of ours do just fine on pellets, either size for that matter though I prefer to feed the smaller pellets. [​IMG] For us it was a matter of waste that we switched to pellets, crumbles seemed to hit the floor and never get looked at again, pellets are more noticeable and get picked up by someone and eaten. We use gravity feeders for the seramas and have placed an old butter lid with holes cut out over the opening, we have almost no waste now thus helping the feed bill. [​IMG]
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    I only use pellets for all my chickens. Bantams included.

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