Should we change our ducky's diet???... Please advice!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by DuckyAndCo, Nov 5, 2013.

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    We have a 13-14 weeks old muscovy duck (approximated) and he (we think its a "he" LOL) has been eating for the last 6 weeks Purina Flock Raiser Crumbles (protein 20%) as that's the only brand we found at the feed store and they suggested it would be good for him. Soon we will have to buy a new bag of food so we want to make sure if we need to change the food or keep feeding him with the same one.

    We keep the same protein % or we reduce it by getting a different option?Any advice please???
    Also, Should we give him other kind of supplementary food?

    We tried to give him corn and green peas but at first he freaked out and made a noise like a barking [​IMG] but he started to eating it a little when I put the food in my hand. He seems spoiled maybe.

    Somebody suggested me in the past to get Purina Duck Chow (grower) but we could not find that one and they dont know it by that name at the feed store. Anybody use it?

    Looking forward to the responses. Thanks a lot!


    Rusty and Ducky Lucas.

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    I seem to recall that many duck forum members use Flock Raiser. I don't keep Muscovies, so I hope someone with more experience with that breed will confirm.

    Cutie pie!
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    He looks like he's got all his feathers, if yes then I'd drop him to a 16%. I have never seen a bag branded Purina with "Duck Chow" printed on it. I know, they make Dog & Cat Chow, makes sense that they'd do Duck Chow too, but if they do I have never seen it. I was just at the Farm Store today, darn it, I would have looked at the Purina choices more closely had I known. Typically, if I do feed a Purina, I buy Layena, for the girls, but that won't do your drake any good. This is what I use, by Armada Grain Company. I and the ducks like it just fine. [​IMG]
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    You don't have to change it, that is a flock raiser good right through. I know Miss Lydia feeds it to her flock, she adds some grains however. I have a multi purpose feed here also by Purina it's an 18% and i have whole corn out for the ducks too.

    Ducks are always suspicious of new foods, keep trying remember to have grit though heavier feeds like grains and so forth they need it, despite my flock being free ranged i still toss some grit down to ensure they have enough.

    Good luck! cute ducky! [​IMG]
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