Should we discontinue the additional light?


9 Years
May 16, 2010
south portland, maine
We began adding light in the coop in the fall when our days began getting short so the girls would have about 14 hours of light. Without the added light, the interior of the coop would only be light from about 8 am to 3:30 pm. Even with the additional light, one of our girls has started molting again (she had a light molt in the fall), and none of our 3 have laid an egg in about 3 weeks. I should add that they are about 2 years old, bantam ameraucanas and have always been poor layers -- very intermittent with lots of broody time.

They usually go to roost on their own about 3:30, So should we just put on the light from 6 am- 5 pm so they have a bit of light to ensure they get on the roost ok? We have one hen who is pretty blind, so I do like to have some light for her to negotiate around the coop.
I am north of you in BC, and I do supplemental lighting in our bleak winters. I would continue lighting and hope fo rthe best. It sounds like they have other reasons not to lay than lights.

good luck!
I don't add supplemental lighting to force egg laying. Forced laying will shorten a hens total life span. The shorter days of winter allow a significant drop in egg laying so the hens can recover and recharge for spring laying and chick rearing.

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