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    I remember seeing somewhere on here (too many posts to wade through) about being able to sex chicks by shoulder feathering. Do pullets feather there first or do cockerels? Or is this a sex-linked breed trait?

    I have 8 chicks from TSC.

    3 are sex pullets, Barred Rocks who have prominent shoulder feathering.
    2 bantam whatevers (I think OEGB since they are chipmunk colored) who also have prominent shoulder feathering
    3 EEs Don't seem to be feathering as much on the shoulders. 2 yellowish, one with grayish markings, and one fuzzy brown one.

    I'll post some pics later
  2. The feather color on a sex link birds shoulders will be different, but as for amount of feathers and what not, that's not going to help you with sexing. Some individual birds and breeds just feather out a bit faster than others.

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