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    Apr 16, 2011
    Hello,newbie here, I just recently bought 10 hens for my daughter,RIR,Barred rocks,ggolden sexlink,and auracana. My question is how can i get into showing one or two of her hens at say a show or fair? Can you show any breeds? What do the judges look for? How do i get into all this?? I'm just wondering if this is a good direction to send my daughter,take for granted she's only 4 yrs. old. She can't get enough of helping with her chicks.
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    the american poultry association has a youth program, you can also look in to 4-h for local shows.
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    Yes even now would be a great time to get their beginner information. Also, look for a 4-H club in your area. Some counties have a special program for little tykes that are too small yet to be enrolled in actual 4H, but to get them started and help them about learning about caring for their animals.

    Look on the breeds/genetics/showing section of the BYC forum - some great information there, just search around for posts others have made about being first time showmen. You can take her to a fair and enter the birds in the open youth classes. It's pretty easy to get started, actually.

    How wonderful! [​IMG]

    Oh, if she does get interested in showing, you'll probably want to get a nice high quality bantam for her - they will be easier for her to handle, as she'll have to handle them in a showmanship class once she gets older if she's in 4H (or even some APA shows have youth showmanship classes that are part of a separate youth-only show). But for just plain open shows, she just has to feed and water them and you put them in a cage - so if she's not strong enough to lift them you can always help her [​IMG].
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    Apr 14, 2011
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    When you find a show, you write and ask for entry forms.

    Your local fairs will have entry forms at the fair office, or you can probably call and get them mailed to you.

    I used to like showing at the fair because that entry got me a free pass to get into the fair.
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    Most county fairs want you to belong to the local 4-H club. Easy enough to do, and quite a good club to get involved with. She would be a Clover Bud at her age. You can start by finding your county 4-H contact information on this page:

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