Show me your "House Chicken" enclosures!


7 Years
Sep 6, 2015
Central Massachusetts
My beat up hen is becoming a house chicken for the winter. My hubby wants to build her something more secure than the covered exercise pen she is in now. Show me what your house chickens stay in when they are not hanging out with you!


Nov 16, 2015
Northern CA
What I did when my chicks were babies(so I'm not sure if it would work for a full grown one) but I'll tell you what I did:) So I got a storage bin(clear) and then cut a "u" shape in one side. Then I got closet shelves-the type that look like they are cage and made a run. Then I used a plastic, firm bottom(can't remember what exactly it was) to have a bottom on it. I then laid storage container lids on top of the run so they couldn't get out, and a small gate on top of the storage container. I drilled holes in the container so I could zip the the run to it and then zip-tied the closet pieces together. (Sorry if this is confusing) I'll try and draw up what I did and put it in here later.

So like this, but you can make the run as big as you want. And the storage container has a breathable top. And you cut a U shape in the side of it and you don't need one of the end sides of the run.

Hope that makes sense:)


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Apr 9, 2015
La Grange, KY
I have a rabbit cage for my injured bantam and his 2 girls. I had to move the roo after an injury and the girls went with him so he wasn't lonely.

You can invest in a pack -n- play and cover the bottom with feed bags. Then put something on top to keep her in. There are on craigslist all the time here for 15 bucks, so it's a cheaper alternative than a rabbit cage.

You could also invest in some chicken diapers if you want her to have exercise in the house without all the poop to clean up.

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