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Jul 22, 2009
Alapaha, Ga
Hi I am looking for a source to get some good quality PRs though I know there are few people who raise them( I don't really want hatchery stock) and I would also like to see pics of any that anyone may have, as well as your thoughts on the breed.
Here is a pic of my Rooster Captain. He is 19 weeks old now. Great thing about this breed is does not crow alot mostly just in the morning and that is it.


He is him with some of the gals. All of them are almost at weight now and there eyes are now changing to proper red. Proper wieth is 9lbs for males and 7.5 for hens. Pattern on this variation does not come in full till after first full moult. They are good foragers and fairly quite. Captain is just now starting to get is full crow and is now showing an interest in the gals.

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Mine are from Mt Healthy hatchery. I suspect they get them from a local breeder though since there quality is so good. I have seen PR from Ideal and MM and they are not even close to these from Mt Healthy. I also know that Privette buys from a breeder to resale also. Most hatcherys do get stock from breeders as they can not breed all them birds themsevles but there is a big difference in those mass producing for the big 2 and those working with the small hatcheries.

Last year and this year most hatcheries sold out of most breeds including PR. Another hatcheru to look into that has good birds is SandHill but you must order early as they only sell so many for the year.

My flock is my project to help save PR and reintroduce them into our area. They have alot of great qualities on par with Barred Rocks. But to me they are nicer looking and make a great homestead flock for free ranging. I have alot of interest in chicks for next year IF I decied to sell any around here. That is a big if too as I will be breeding to improve the flock and increase it for now. I personally am not into showing but I do breed to the SOP like I have with other breeds in the past.
Thanks for all the info about the hatcheries, especially Privett, I have SLWs, Buff Orps, and RIWs from Privett. And I know about the long waiting list with Sandhill. I was going to get some Splash Giants from them if it wasn't for the waiting list, I glad I didn't now because the breeder I was going to get some Black Giants from, sold out all his stock and I was going to breed the few splashed with the blacks to make blues. Now I am planning on getting BBS orps and Mottled Javas from another breeder near me.

I really admire you for trying to save the PRs and improve them. Thats kinda what I am wanting to do with the Mottled Javas, I will also try to find some black javas, they're even more rare than the mottleds. I will eventually focus on all rare breeds, except of course my beloved Barred Rocks, but I do want to find some of those that are SQ or BQ too.

If you will be selling and shipping hatching eggs from you PRs, please let me know. I am looking for some and I would like to help you repopulate the world with them and do some experimenting with a project breed with them. I met a guy one time at our local livestock sale who said he had a PR line that he had had since he was in highschool. I wish I could find him.

What a beautiful rooster!
cybercat, Have any of your hens set eggs and hatched them? I've heard they're good brooders... hope this is true!
They are very good brooders from what I have heard from those that have had them. In the class of silkies. It is too bad more do not breed them but with so many breeds that is not surprising. I have talked to many around the US that have either had a few or just one or two. Everyone has loved them for one reason or another. Again most of these people were not into breeding, though the few I did talk to that used to breed loved them also but switched to another breed.

I am working only on this breed variation. I am not adding any other breeds or colors for right now till I get this flock up to my standards. Rareroo I will make a note that you want some after I get first hatching done next spring.

Breeding I take seriously and unfortunatly not everyone breeding is following the SOP. Most will not buy it and just breed with no guidance. I know many locals here that have Barreds and they have birds that have real think jagged barring, they also call them doms but they are barreds just bad type. I have run into a few with better type but they are very rare on the local seen.

Most of our local chicken sellers I would not buy from to start with considering how many are kept. I know of a few people that brought home from local sells places, these are held monthly or weekly here. Big farm area. Most of these poor chickens have mites and lice and are under fed. Now we do have show people here and those are much better kept. But again few are large fowl and none are of this breed.

Rareroo do you Know of the Java yahoo group? I used to be one it last year. I know of one breeder of blacks in NC and he ships eggs. Not sure who else does of Blacks anymore.
I have heard of the Java yahoo group but never really tried to look at it. Do you know that breeder personally, or is he just on the group. I have emailed one lady who has them, but she didn't have any available now. Of course I don't really need them now, I would just like to find a good source for them. I would like to mainly be a Plymouth Rock breeder, I'd like to have a small flock of all recognized variteties and even I few more project ones that I could create myself. So that would mean that I would have Black Rocks eventually, so I don't know if I should keep two black breeds, but I really would love to help preserve them. If you know how I can contact that breeder you where talking about, please tell me. Thanks
Actually the breeder i am talking about started the group if I remeber right. It has been awhile so I can be off on that. I do not know him in person just threw the net group. I do know that many people have Javas from him though. But if you wish to specialize in one breed then do not get to black breeds. If they cross you would never know it. After all javas were used to make Rocks.
OK thanks, I will see what I decide later. Please keep me posted on how well your PRs come along. If you could get me some close up side pics of them so I can see the lacing better, that would be great too.

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