Show me your quail pens!!!

Aug 13, 2020
Great feeding pipe, I’ve seen those before. Mine could never seem to get used to the rabbit feeder water dispensers, but they love the little red chicken cups. I’m very curious as to what the lime green fluid is in your water dispenser in the last shot? Have you put a supplement in their water?


Jul 19, 2020


Jun 2, 2020
did u build it ?
More like assembled & modified it. It's a Wingz Aviary that you assemble with lots & lots of split rings. The mesh size is 1/2" X 3", and I quickly found it did not keep the birds safe. Not sure if a rat got in or raccoon reached in, but I lost 2 birds.

Since then I covered the entire thing with hardware cloth. The floor & first 3' are 1/4" mesh, the rest is 1/2 mesh. I wanted to make sure no snakes or mice could get in.

The roof is a gazebo, and I put cable anchors into the ground.

It's tough to tell from the photos, but it's all dug into the side of the steep hill that I live on. Doing that was a big block of time with a pick, pitchfork & shovel. All those rocks around it came from digging out a level spot. The dig down is from about 6" above the white fencing.

I then put down weed block cloth and rubber pavers around the perimeter so I have access on all sides and so I can visually check for critters attempting to chew, dig or claw their way in. It also helps stop the jungle from taking over. Final leveling was done with sand, and I buried the mesh floor & hardware cloth with it.

There's still some fine tuning that I need to do.

The gazebo and it being carved into the hill seem to keep the rain out. I have some large heavy duty clear tarps on hand if needed for the weather.

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