Show Off Those Snoods - Turkey Contest - Fall 2014


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Show Off Those Snoods - Turkey Contest - Fall 2014

1) Do Not Talk About Raising Turkeys For Slaughter, I find it very sad and depressing, all my turkeys are pets
2) All BYC Rules Apply
3) Must Be YOUR Turkey
4) PM Me With Questions, Thread is For SUBMISSIONS ONLY
5) You must fully Complete Your Form, Or You Will Be DISQUALIFIED
6) You Can Enter Up To 5 Turkeys


Breed: (if known)
Age: (if known)
Gender: (not needed for chicks)


Regarding Judging:
I will take the better entries and set up a voting poll. The contest will end in late November. There will be 3 - 5 female winners, 3 - 5 male winners, 2 or 3 chick winners, and 1 grand winner.


If anyone would like to kindly donate a prize for the grand winner, PM me to do so. Thanks!

Enter Away!

Rhett 2yr old Bourbon Red Male.
Jack 3yr old Narragansett male.




Ages: They are currently 2 years old in the top 3 pic they were roughly 1.5years in the bottom 2 pics they were 1 year
Variety: Bourbon Red
Gender: Toms
Names: None
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Name: Lemmy
Breed: Slate Blue (pastel)
Age: just shy of 5 months old
Sex: Male

Name: Tiny
Breed: Slate Blue
Age: 18 weeks
Sex: Male

He was our last one to hatch this spring but is full of attitude!

Heritage bronze and bourbon reds 5 months old jakes and jenny's.

Broad breasted bronze and broad breasted white. The white is a tom and one bronze is a tom and the bronze in the back is a hen named Honey they are 6 months old.
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