Show Preperation! How do you?

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    Oct 12, 2011
    I wash mine in a baby soap then rinse in a bucket of warm water making sure all soap is gone. Then some comb dressing is applied to their comb and wattles. One week before the show. What do other people do?
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    7-10 days prior to show prepare 3 buckets, one initial rinse to get any dirt and debris off of the birds, second is a shampoo wash bucket, third is a rinse bucket with a little permethryn added to add some shine back and deter any external parasites while at the show.
    After bathing clean face, comb. Apply a small amount of vaseline to the legs while scales are still moist. Apply a small amount of vaporub to comb and face.
    Clean face, feet, and legs daily before the show, about 5 days prior after all leg scales are nice and moist from vaseline treatment remove old scales to bring leg color out amd make it more brilliant.
    Use a rag with either show sheen or amoral applied and allowed to dry, use this as a dust cloth daily and when cooping in.
    At coop in clean legs, feet, face and comb. Apply a light coating of vaseline to legs and feet (non-feather legged birds) and apply a small amount of vaporub to face, comb and beak. Wipe the bird down good to remove dust and make sure feathers are all in place.

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