Show quality cochin hen or pet quality?


9 Years
Nov 8, 2010
North Edwards
I have two black standard cochins and I'm wondering if they're good quality or just pet. These aren't recent pictures of one of the two, they're both going through a moult right now. Thank you for any opinions or advice.

I'm thinking pet quality but I just wanna make sure..


Stupid poopy butt.. Lol..
I'd say she's sort of middle of the road. I've never seen a hatchery large fowl Cochin that nice, they all seem to lack in the tail and foot feathering. I'm not an expert on Cochins, but I don't see any immediate disqualifications. That said, she's probably not going to win any national championships either, she'd probably do fine at small shows though.
Oh thank you.

Well that's good. I wish I had a good SQ rooster. Most of my chickens are mutts though, the cochins I mainly use during the spring months to hatch more layers or to hatch out mutts for fun. If a small show comes around I guess I could try to enter one of them if I have the time.
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