Show us your processing set up, here's mine. " pics"


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Dec 26, 2009
Rock Hill SC

This is my overall setup.

my dipping pot, I heat the water to 150 degrees, I also add dish detergent, it's said it helps make plucking easier but I found it takes that disgusting dirty wet chicken smell out of the whole process, I loved it!

the cone,

my home made plucker, this is such a time saver, takes about 2 minutes per bird.

The processing table, I love this table, it keeps the chicken from slipping off onto the ground and has a clip to connect your hose to and a drain, a hole for the entrails, just put a bucket or garbage pail under the hole.

a 100 quart cooler full of water and previously frozen soda bottles of water, this is how I save money by not having to buy ice.

paper towel racks to set the chickens on to drip dry.

The second burner for the shrink bagging.

The nervous chickens.

And it begins.

dunking for about 30 seconds at 150 degrees, don't let your temperature get any higher, I found the skin rips way too easily if the temp is too hot.

The plucker at work.

This table is great, makes cleaning an easy task.

Annnnd the can can chicks.

I cut the belly skin and tuck the legs in the hole, I think it looks neater.

Into the shrink bags. I think they are a bit pricey but you don't get that freezer burn.

Then we dip, the directions say 200 degrees but we found the bag sometimes melt so we try to dip at around 180 degrees.

And into the cooler, with lots of ice. We let the chickens rest in the fridge for 48 hours before we put them in the freezer.

and the final product! I love the fact that this is my back yard dinner, all veggies are from my gardens and of course the chicken from my own coop!
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Love the homeade plucker!! I have seen similar things that can be boughgt, for much less than the tub style, but the reviews were not great. Can you share more details on how this works. Do you think the flat fingers work better than the commercial nubby ones? What speed do you use for the drill? How messy is it? Thanks for the great pictures!! Nice setup!!

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