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    Hi everyone! Farmer_Lew and I recently got started processing, and we only have a few tools we're using. We have read many of the tips and tricks that the readers here have shared in regards to what works for them, etc. Can we see pics of your tools? What do you use for evisceration? I have read threads where folks have used a bent old butterknife for a scraper.

    The birds we have processed so far, we have only skinned. We cut them open down the center and removed the innards, but we want to start plucking our birds and doing this the "right" way. We would really like to see what tools the more experienced processors among us are using for everything from the initial "deed" to final processing... if y'all don't mind!

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    For knives, I've been very happy with the Ergo-grip line from F. Dick.
    I use their 8" double-edged sticking knife for slaughtering poultry and rabbits, their 6" boning knife, and their poultry shears. Professional knives really are worth the extra money, in my opinion.

    Those, and a cutting board, a big old towel spread across the patio table, and a few bowls and buckets are all I need on slaughtering day. When the meat is ready for the freezer, I use a regular Food Saver vacuum sealer.

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    Mine is my avatar. Drill mounted plucker.........$39.95 plus $12.00 shipping
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    Hey, I like the looks of that! My husband saw one and thought it a good idea & we were wondering how other people like it. He found a cheap but decent drill at the local hardware store for $20, and he was trying to describe it (the drill-mounted plucker) to me. Now that I've seen it in your picture, that's pretty hip.

    To SmilesnSunshine: Thank you for that link! I agree, good quality knives are worth every penny we invest in them. I have a good set of kitchen knives... not great, but pretty good, and they weren't cheap but they weren't THAT expensive, either, kinda middle of the road. DH has been using my meat cleaver to cut the heads and feet off (that part's his job heheh) and has mentioned he wants better knives that are sharper and more suited to poultry processing.

    Thank you both for your pictures and suggestions.

    If anyone else has pics, pointers, and tips they'd like to share, I would be very appreciative! Thank you.
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