Showgirl Question About single combs?


11 Years
Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
So I got a showgirl from a breeder and hatched lots of babies from him before I lost him to a cat. I believe he was an F5 showgirl. I sold a chick to a BYC member who lives 10-20 mins from me the chick was from my showgirl pen but had normal neck feathering. He has grown up into a beautiful rooster and has the perfect dark silkie comb color but its Single! He is nice too leg feathering is nice a little leggy nice tight wings. I had never had single combs pop up in ANY of the chicks I hatched. So I couldn't figure it out till I went back through my breeding books and figured out the chick had came from my showgirl pen. I know to make the showgirls turkens were introduced and turkens have single combs. So this is possible for a single comb to pop up right? I lost my roo but have a new showgirl hen who is an F8 could I still see a pop up of a single comb? Thanks for any advice in advance.


10 Years
Nov 9, 2010
Single combs are recessive, so all it takes is for both parents to have one copy and 25% of the chicks will have single combs.
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